Winstrol super micronized stanozolol

Well, I know he is no longer around but optimal labs Winny burns like mad! I found that not only the injections but if you don't drink it with a wide open mouth close your lips too soon those oils act like a burning agent. Not only that but I take prescription heart burn medication to help with all the different foods and hard workouts and my body's immediate reaction to drinking that winny with any thing is acid reflux. Goes away in about 10 minutes. Not sure if others have had the same reaction with this product or other winny in oil/water when ingesting it. Would be interested to hear.

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Winstrol super micronized stanozolol

winstrol super micronized stanozolol


winstrol super micronized stanozololwinstrol super micronized stanozololwinstrol super micronized stanozolol