Trenbolone bad side effects

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All anabolic steroids express negative cardiovascular side effects, which include vascular reactivity (hardening of the blood vessels), increased blood pressure, increased hematocrit levels, and most impacting: the negative alteration of cholesterol values. Anabolic steroids have a tendency to temporarily reduce HDL (the good cholesterol), and many will also temporarily increase LDL (the bad cholesterol). This alteration can impact the risk the user has in developing cardiovascular disease, especially the longer the user remains on a cycle of anabolic steroids. Injectable anabolic steroids tend to be the least impacting, while oral anabolic steroids tend to be the worst (due to their route of administration and impact on the liver, which is essentially the cholesterol processing center for the human body). Parabolan, being an injectable anabolic steroid, possibly impacts cholesterol levels to a far lesser degree than oral anabolic steroids but at the same time impacts cholesterol levels negatively to a greater degree than most injectables due to the increased resistance to metabolism in the body. Cholesterol values tend to quickly return to normal once anabolic steroid use has ceased, and it is highly advised for the anabolic steroid user to engage in a clean diet alongside the supplementation of healthy omega-3 fats in order to maintain healthy levels of HDL cholesterol. The use of cardiovascular support supplements is also recommended.

Trenbolone bad side effects

trenbolone bad side effects


trenbolone bad side effectstrenbolone bad side effectstrenbolone bad side effectstrenbolone bad side effectstrenbolone bad side effects