Test prop stack

The app contains two track lists. One for the recently played tracks and one for the bookmarked tracks. The look of the lists is the same, but the event actions are different. For that reason, I created an abstract list class that contains the list item XTemplate. The recently played tracks class and the bookmarked class extend my abstract list. Recently played tracks adds the pull to refresh plugin, while bookmarks just adds an empty list message. Both components are used in the main view and get different itemtap listeners attached.

This parameter provides the slow-start bug discovered in BSD and Windows TCP/IP implementations for Solaris. More information on the topic can be found on the servers of SUN and in Stevens [6] . To summarize the effect, a server starts sending two PDUs at once without waiting for an ACK due to wrong ACK counts. The ACK from connection initiation being counted as data ACK - compare with figure 2. Network congestion avoidance algorithms are being undermined. The slow start algorithm does not allow the buggy behavior, compare with RFC 2001 .

<script src="https:///ajax/libs/jquery//"></script> <!doctype html> <html lang="en"> <head> <meta charset="utf-8"> <title>prop demo</title> <style> p { margin: 20px 0 0; } b { color: blue; } </style> </head> <body> <input id="check1" type="checkbox" checked="checked"> <label for="check1">Check me</label> <p></p> <script> $("input").change(function() { var $input = $(this); $("p").html( ".attr( \"checked\" ): <b>" + $("checked") + "</b><br>" + ".prop( \"checked\" ): <b>" + $("checked") + "</b><br>" + ".is( \":checked\" ): <b>" + $(":checked")) + "</b>"; }).change(); </script> </body> </html>

Test prop stack

test prop stack


test prop stacktest prop stacktest prop stacktest prop stacktest prop stack