Test prop recovery

Hi Max. I really appreciate your videos which I think are great. I was in a big issue where my note 4 (SM-N910F) was constantly rebooting after I tried to root it with odin. Before the step where it was supposed to show the big red android in went into boot looping.
With the help of your video I have managed to fix it with the openrecovery-twrp--trltexx which I had downloaded from your website. So no it starts (thought I had to wipe all the memory). Awesome though, your great!
But now, I have downloaded and copy the UPDATE-SuperSU- into the phone.
Now when I go in my twerk recovery it’s not showing like in your video. It says error under the small green android and I get instead the menu when I can chose like: reboot system now, apply update from ADB etc.
I do admit that because I was in that loop booting when I tried it for the first time like you said, when I was in downloading mode and runned odin it didn’t work unless I have whipped the cache partition and as well wiped data/factory reset BECAUSE the phone was starting with this message from which I couldn’t pass: you phone has it’s memory damaged and has to be factory reset…. So I done it. Now twerk is not working properly. Can you enlighten me again please :-). What to do next to finish this rooting? I presume I have to finish first the twerk recovery which I can’t….
I appreciate your time.
Thank you for your help

Test prop recovery

test prop recovery


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