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Two more of Japan's most-recognized athletes are gymnast Naoki Iketani and trampolinist Daisuke Nakata , both of whom have reached the Third Stage numerous times, but never the Final Stage. Both Iketani and Nakata are performers on the Muscle Musical travelling show; Shunsuke Nagasaki made a guest appearance on the show with Nakata in 2003, when Shunsuke was only 15. Nakata, known to many as the "King of the Trampoline," has performed at the Olympic Games in the past. He debuted in the 8th competition and has only failed the First Stage once (that being in the 12th competition when he failed the Rolling Log). Nakata was the victim of a hit-and-run accident in 2004, an incident that severely damaged his hands and wrists. He missed several tournaments due to this injury before coming back in the 16 Sasuke and timed out on the Rope Climb. In the 17th competition; due to the weakness in his hands, he failed on the Third Stage's Arm Rings in Sasuke 21 he returned(still injured) and failed the Salmon Ladder. Iketani debuted in the 2nd competition and failed the Spinning Log and first made it to the third Stage in the 4th competition. in his other 5 trys at Stage 3 the Cliff Hanger stopped him twice(10-11),and the Body Prop Stopped him 3 times(13, 14, 16) He recently returned to Sasuke in the 20th competition, his first since the 16th, but failed on the First Stage's Jumping Spider, in Sasuke 21 he failed the Flying Chute, in Sasuke 22 he failed the Warped Wall. Iketani usually starts his run with a backflip.

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