Test prop kick start cycle

1 Ben Higgins (Valley), 2. Jamie TSANG (Kowloon), 3. Jack PARFITT (Hong Kong Scottish), 4. James CUNNINGHAM (Kowloon), 5. Kyle SULLIVAN (HKS), 6. Nick HEWSON (Valley), 7. Matt LAMMING (HKCC), 8. Thomas Lamboley (Valley), 9. Liam SLATEM (HKCC), 10. Matt ROSSLEE (Valley), 11. Sam PURVIS (Tigers), 12. Lex KALECA (HKS), 13. Tyler SPITZ (USRC TIGERS), 14. Marcus RAMAGE (HKS), 15. Liam GALLAHER (Tigers), BARLOW (Tigers), 17. Danye JANS (Valley), 18. Alex NG Wai-shing (Valley), 19. Finn FIELD (Edinburgh University), 20. Pierce MACKINLAY-WEST (HKFC), 21. Liam OWENS (Valley), 22. James CHRISTIE (Northumbria University) 23. Robbie KEITH (TIGERS).

The Lions hung in there, fighting against the waves of black shirts headed their way, floundering but not drowning. Owen Farrell had a torrid evening in many regards, curiously out-of-kilter in his general play but reliable as ever with the boot, chipping away, chipping away, the Lions return of five penalty goals also helped by a monster 55-metre strike from Elliot Daly just seconds into the second half, a timely boost to morale.  Farrell levelled the scores with a booming 47-metre belter two minutes from time. Farrell’s skills may have been shaky but his resolve and nerve were impregnable. He didn’t blink when it came to delivering.  

Test prop kick start cycle

test prop kick start cycle


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